About Us

SAP BASIS Technical Consultant is a core team member of any SAP project.

SAP runs on almost all platform, so we can assume that basic knowledge of MS Windows, UNIX, Linux, AIX etc. is expected from BASIS person, add to that the fact that you can use the DB of your choice (or the Customer choice), the minimum knowledge of Oracle, MSSQL, MaxDB, DB2/DB6 is important. Also take into account Clustered Environments, Virtualization, Cloud Computing and any other variation/mutation coming in the future.
BASIS person need to know all about the different systems ECC, BI, PI, SRM, CRM, EP, Content Repositories, Middleware, Java Engines, Web Dispatchers, SAP Routers etc. their working, the way they interact with each other and their integration procedures.

Of course, you will also need a bit of networking, routing and security. This takes you into authorizations which is a grey area – big corporations employ people especially for it but in small companies it is usually a basis task (sometimes with mixed results but this is material for another blog).

Preventive maintenance is also a big part of the job, planning and implementations of Support Package Stacks, Enhancement Packages, System and Database upgrades, migrations, conversions, etc.

So this blog is dedicated to all SAP BASIS Guys who are working hard to provide system up time of almost 100%.

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