SAP JAVA HTTPS Cert update with SAN entry

Steps Login with sidadm Set ENV variable SECUDIR pointing to /usr/sap/<SID>/<Instance>/sec Take backup of all files under /usr/sap/<SID>/<Instance>/sec Generate new PSE with SAN sapgenpse gen_pse -s 2048 -a sha256WithRsaEncryption -p <SID>J2eeSystemSAN.pse -k GN-dNSName:<hostname with fqdn> Provide Password : ********* Provide Distinguished name of PSE owner : CN=<hostname with fqdn> <SID>J2eeSystemSAN.pse will get created and CSR request... Continue Reading →

Steps to Activate HTTPS in ABAP System

Steps to Activate HTTPS in ABAP System Download Cryptographic Software from Service Market Place Extract the Software in Kernel directory /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/exe/run Check that sec folder is available in DV* folder Check file ticket is present in sec folder Add following profile parameters to Instance Profile. #----------------------------------------------------------------------- # HTTPS Parameters #----------------------------------------------------------------------- login/accept_sso2_ticket = 1 login/create_sso2_ticket... Continue Reading →

ADS Configuration

The purpose of this configuration information is to describe the configuration steps required to set up the Adobe document services (ADS). ADS is part of the SAP NetWeaver installation, usage type AS Java.  ADS can be used in different scenarios. Checking the IIOP Service and the Start-up Properties Start the configuration tool of the AS Java Run... Continue Reading →

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