How to check if oracle general settings are according to the SAP recommendations

  • Oracle version is supported?

The oracle server version can be checked with the following select:

select * from v$version;

The result of the before select must be checked in the following note:

1174136 – Oracle: End of Support Dates


  • SAP Bundle Patch (SBP) is up-to-date?

The installed SBP can be checked with the following select:

select * from dba_registry_history order by action_time;

More detailed output can be displayed with the following command:

$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch lsinventory

The result should be compared with the latest version described in the following notes:

1431799 – Oracle 11.2.0: Current Patch Set

871735 – Current patch set for Oracle 10.2.0


  • Oracle parameters are OK?

The recommended parameters can be checked with the script attached to the following note:

1171650 – Automated Oracle DB parameter check

The output contains the recommended changes (add, delete, change, check).


  • Environment variables are OK?

Environment variables can be checked based on the following notes:

556232 – Environment settings for R/3/Oracle on Windows

830578 – Environment variable on Unix for ora and adm


  • Oracle client version is according to the server version?

Login with the <sid>adm user and go to the instant client directory and start the following command:

genezi -v

If the client version is old, it should be updated. The following notes describes, how to do it:

998004 – Update the Oracle Instant Client on Windows

819829 – Oracle Instant Client Installation and Configuration on Unix

The above notes contains also information, where is the instant client directory.


Reference: SAP Note 1918230

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