Roadmap: As of Release 7.4, SAP NetWeaver discontinues dual-stack implementations

An SAP system is dual-stack, if it contains both SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and Java with one common SAP system ID (SAPSID), one common start-up framework, and one common database.

Advantages of Dual-stack system

  • Save Hardware cost for DB and Application as Java and ABAP parts are installed on the same physical machine
  • The software Life Cycle management process was the same i.e. ABAP and JAVA part is treated as a single UNIT
  • Reduce Operation Cost

Disadvantages of Dual-stack system

  • The tight coupling between the ABAP and Java stacks became more and more of an innovation hurdle
  • Downtime of one stack in a dual-stack system affected the whole system
  • Dual-stack systems could not be scaled independently

Going forward SAP is recommending Single stack installation of ABAP and JAVA stack & supporting it with a Dual-stack Split tool & with the latest Business suit package. As of NW 7.4, no dual-stack installation will be supported.

The only dual-stack systems which will be available are SAP Solution Manager & SAP PI. SAP PI is also available with a Single JAVA stack version with NW 7.4 which covers 95% of a classical PI environment & capabilities.

For more details please refer SAP Roadmap

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