Check Component Dependency for NW JAVA

When we do SPS upgrade for SAP NW JAVA, dependency is getting calculated by the maintenance planner automatically. But many time we need to apply only Patch for specific component and not even SP update. In such cases it make sense to check dependency manually for required Component patch level. In this post, let’s check out how to Check Component Dependency for SP Update for SAP NW JAVA.

Option 1 : SAP JAVA Support Tool

You can use SAP JAVA Support tool to automatically check the component dependency for specific SP or patch level. But this tool will need sidadm login.

Source : Wiki

Option 2 : Manual SCA Dependency Analysis

This is manual option to do SCA dependency analysis. For this you will need S-User login for SAP Support Portal with authorizations to for Software Downloads. Let’s check it out with one example.

Assume that you need to apply patch 15 for LMNWABASICAPPS component which is on version 7.50 SP19. So how to check dependencies for this? Login to SAP Support Portal, Go to Software Download.

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Go to SUPPORT PACKAGES & PATCHES section -> By Alphabetical Index (A-Z) -> N -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER 75 ->

APPLICATION SERVER JAVA -> LM NWA BASIC APPS 7.50. Here you will get all latest SPs and their patched for this component. Here we have our SP19 Patch 15 file as well i.e. LMNWABASICAPPS19P_15-80000675.SCA.

Under Related Info column, you can see one Icon, once you click on that, you will get option of SCA Dependency with exclamation mark icon.

Once you click on that, it will open new window with details of Component dependencies with their minimum SP and Patch levels.

So now you know How to Check Component Dependency for SP Update for SAP NW JAVA. Please note that details shown here are for Minimum patch and SP level requirement. Thus if you already have higher patch in system for dependent component then you are good to go, else you need to update that component to minimum required level. And again to check if any additional dependency is there for that component, you can use same above process.

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