Search connector for category EAM_TECHOBJ is not active

While working with FIORI tiles, sometimes you face issues when searching within EAM FIORI applications. Error may be like,

  • When using the ‘Advanced Search’ option within the applications, there are no results returned.


  • You receive an error like “Search connector for category EAM_TECHOBJ is not active” (message EAMS_BO 201) when trying to search for a Technical Object.

The reason for that is, the search models for plant maintenance have been revised and the SAP HANA-based Enterprise Search has been enabled in the Web Dynpro applications in plant maintenance.

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How to Address the Issue

The Search Connectors have to be configured for the corresponding Applications via transaction ESH_COCKPIT. In many scenarios it will be ‘Technical Objects’ or ‘Maintenance Notification’ Apps where the following search connectors need to be activated in the back-end system.


Once the EAM relevant connectors are activated, the issue should be no more there.


SAP Note 2699982

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