How to Download Offline SAP Sizing Questionnaire

Many time it happens that we as SAP BASIS team need to collet inputs from functional or business teams for through-put sizing and it’s not practical to get all on same time to collect data. Hence only option is to share the questionnaire with then to get data as per their availability. But creating questionnaire manually is time consuming activity as there are multiple Sub-Products or Modules and multiples option in each one of them. So is there any standard way to get this sorted out, lets see it in this post i.e. How to download Offline SAP Sizing Questionnaire.

SAP Quick-Sizer

Sizing is process which translate business requirements into hardware requirements in an iterative process. Thus after sizing exercise we will get hardware details in terms of CPU, memory Disk etc.

Quick Sizer is a online tool made available by SAP since 1996 & its free of charge. You just need to fill in required data for User based or through-put based calculations and it will give you approx. hardware sizing for the selected SAP application or Product.

Sizing Models in Quick Sizer are as follows.

User-based Sizing

  • Users
    • Low, Medium, High Activity
    • Application Components
    • Assumptions for load on CPU and disk
  • Result
    • Average CPU
    • Disk Size
    • Disk I/O
    • Memory

Throughput-based Sizing

  • Business Throughput, Considers time period
    • Residence Time
    • Average Working Day
    • Peak load time frame
  • Result
    • Average and Peak CPU
    • Disk Size and Growth
    • Disk I/O
    • Memory

Offline Sizing Questionnaire

As mentioned earlier, we may not be always able to use Online Quick Sizer directly, we need to collect inputs from functional and business team for same. Hence for that purpose, we can use offline sizing questionnaire. You can download same from quick sizer only. Just open Quick Sizer from Official Sizing page. You will get three options there as follows, select as per your need.

Source : SAP

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Once you open Quick Sizer tool, in left hand size panel, you can see the option to download the Offline Sizing Questionnaire. Please note that you will need S-User login to access SAP Quick Sizer.

Source : SAP

In same window, you can get Sizing documentation as well. So now you know how to download Offline Sizing Questionnaire. Do let us know in comment section below if you find this information helpful.

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