NWBC, WebGUI etc. ask for login, SSO not working

While working with SAP system, many times we see that when we execute transactions which are suppose to open Web Interface, ask for login again. Normally as we initiated it via SAP GUI session, expectation is that it should automatically allow us login via SSO. In this blog, we will see probable cause and how to address them. So let’s address issue with NWBC, WebGUI etc. asking for login.

Probable Cause

Most likely, below are the probable causes why issue is occuring.

  • Service is marked for SSL but no SSL configured in system
  • SSO is not configured properly
  • myssocntl service is inactive

How to address it

Service is marked for SSL but no SSL configured in system

If Service is marked for SSL, then it must that system is configured to use SSL. Please make sure you have sapcrypto library installed, maintained SSL related parameters in system and in SMICM HTTPS port is active. Also make sure that your SSL Server Standard PSE Instance cert is signed with CA.

SSO is not configured properly

Please maintain SSO related parameters in DEFAULT profile as follows.

  • login/create_sso2_ticket = 2
  • login/accept_sso2_ticket = 1

This will need restart of SAP instance to set these parameters permanently. After restart, execute SSO2 transaction, maintain NONE in RFC destination and own hostname in hostname field. Execute and check the output. If all checks are green, then you are done, else activate SSO from top menu. If required, accept cert exchange as well.

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myssocntl service is inactive

Most of the time, myssocntl service is not active and its pre-requisite for SSO to work. Hence go to SICF, put myssocntl in service name and search. On next screen, select myssocntl service and activate it by right clicking on it and selecting Activate.

With all above checks are done, you should be able to access NWBC or WebGUI if executed via SAP GUI without again entering login credentials.

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