Syntax error in program /1BCF41/TBDLS

You might have faced dump with S/4 HANA system when you use F4 help (clicking F4) on one SAPGUI fields to get more help for specific field. DUMP details may be like, SYNTAX_ERROR occurs on ABAP Program /1BCF41/TBDLS,

| The current ABAP program “SAPLSDSD” had to be terminated because it found a |
| statement that could not be executed. |
| In include “/1BCF41/TBDLS “, in line 122 of program |
| “/1BCF41/TBDLS “, the following syntax errors |
| have occurred: |

This normally happens after System upgrade or SPS upgrade as the related table TBDLS was changed.

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How to Address the Issue

ABAP Program /1BCF41/TBDLS is a generated report of the F4-help. To solve the issue, we need to delete this report and regenerate. To do so, please follow below steps.

  • Execute report UMG_F4_CLEANUP
  • Please choose “Delete” and “Generated reports”. Execute the report.

Once it’s done, the issue should be gone.

Reference : SAP Note 2824611

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