CCMS Central Auto-Reaction assignment via RZ21 not reflecting in RZ20 Monitor

When we configure CCMS for alerting, there are two ways in which we can have alert configured.

  • Local via same system
  • Central via CEN system

For Central CCMS alert configuration, satellite systems should have CCMS agents installed and registered to CEN system.

Here we are talking about common problem which most of consultant face while configuring Central alerts from CEN. The auto-reaction assignment via RZ21 is not getting reflected in RZ20 monitor.

In this case please check below points

  1. Is agent in satellite system is up and running?
  2. Is agent in satellite system is online in RZ21 > Topology > Agent for remote systems?
  3. Have you registered your CCMS agent in multiple CEN systems? If yes then in this case you can assign central auto-reactions via only one CEN which is primary CEN for that agent.

To make CEN primary for any CCMS agent, please follow below steps.

  • Go to RZ21 > Topology > Agent for remote systems
  • Check your agent, in column “Responsible Server” if you see “REMOTE SYSTEM” means current CEN is not primary CEN for your agent
  • Go to edit mode
  • Select agent
  • Test agent connection and make sure its online
  • Select agent and click button “Adopt Agent”
  • This will pop up one confirmation screen, accept it
  • Now system will carry out steps to make this CEN as primary for your agent
  • Once done, refresh this page once via “Refresh” button at top
  • Now in column responsible server, your CEN name should reflect, this confirm the primary CEN assignment

If you assign Central auto-reactions via RZ21 now, you will see those reflecting in RZ20 monitor.

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